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Box Contents


1 Tank container design for ASIC


200 liters Water Tanks with 2 heats exchangers


Dielectric coolant

Fittings for the tank 

Cartridge for your Hashboard 

A long-term investment

Sato is made to last. With its innovative design, you will always be able to run the latest mining hardware fo years to come.

KYC-less bitcoins and privacy

We require only minimal identification from you to buy Sato. Plus  we will never know how much Bitcoins you mine with it, because we don't have access to that data.

Proof that bitcoin mining is green

We believe that using heat from bitcoin mining activity is vital to its environmental sustainability. By using Sato, you are part of this future, and are showing the world, that bitcoin mining is green for the long term.

Don't trade Bitcoin, mine it!

You don't need to worry about market conditions 24/7, or watch for drawdowns or bear markets. As miners get more bitcoins as the global hashrate diminishes or slows down, and the opportunities for new mining hardware get better. You're not subject to "panic selling" (at the bottom...), or other emotional mistakes.

Decentralized bitcoin mining

Sato is only the beginning of a new era of bitcoin mining heaters that will spread to more and more homes. Soon, Sato will also get rid of centralized mining pools and be able to mine on a decentralised pool protocol (with every Sato being a full node proposing candidate blocks). Since we don't have access to any Sato, there is no general power switch we can be forced to trigger. With Sato you're making bitcoin mining truly unstoppable!


Technical specifications

Compatibility Hashboard

Antminer S9 / S17 / S19 / S19 Pro/ S19+


Internet access

Power supply

Cold water inlet available

Central Heating circuit

Water heater 

Dimensions & weight

Size  1,5m x 1,5m x 1,9m

Weight   160kg

Hashboard integration

We take care of everything concerning replacing hashboards for Sato. We select the best hashboard model, source the best offers from manufacturers, and we unmount the ASICs and integrate the hashboards.

Sato needs hashboards to work properly, and are purchased separately from your Sato.