Sato is a supplemental combi boiler for houses equipped with water-based central heating systems.

Meet Sato

Sato generates heat while mining bitcoins. It is as efficient as the best electric heaters on the market. 


This means that without using any extra energy to heat your home or make hot water, you can earn bitcoins.

Sato is as good as any electric boiler with a 99% efficiency rate

Up to 5Kw of power delivered by ASIC

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Earn Bitcoins while heating your home.

With Sato, 99% of the energy spent on mining is recovered as heat for use in your home. There is no difference between Sato and a classic electric boiler in terms of efficiency.

To optimize your investment Sato maximizes the use of your ASIC.

Stabilized temperature for ASIC

ASIC generates heat when in operation and needs to be properly cooled to achieve maximum performance.

Two-phase immersion cooling is an extremely effective method of removing excess heat, and it maintains an optimal operating temperature for ASIC.

With Sato, your components will stay cooler and last longer. The risks of overheating mining hardware are prevented 


Immersion cooling is completely silent 

Sato is made to last for decades

Sato is made of high end materials and the latest technology

There are no pumps or moving parts, so there is less maintenance

Hot swap technology

Sato's "Hot-Swap" technology is inspired by server technology, which makes it easy for you to add, remove, and swap out your hashboards.

Sato ise compatible with a broad list of hashboards, and we will continue to add new ones in the future.

You have the choice to install your own hashboards or use our dedicated service to buy them. With our service, we will always give you the best high-volume pricing deals with the help of our partners.

Sato is designed to be compatible with older, current, and future mining hardware


Two-phase immersion cooling

The heat released by the ASIC is absorbed by the coolant. The heat causes the fluid to boil and then it evaporates into the water tank heat exchangers. 

Heat is stored in the water tank while the liquid condenses and returns to the ASIC container... to start the process again ಠ‿ಠ

meet the loop

Computing hardware dedicated to mining bitcoin (ASIC) is immersed in a non conductive coolant that boils at 75°C

The vaporized coolant goes to the heat exchanger in the water tank

The coolant condenses back to its liquid form, transferring heat in the process to the water in the tank

Using gravity and without any pump, the coolant goes back to the ASIC container





When the coolant boils, its temperature stabilizes. All of the heat transmitted generates more steam but the temperature remains the same. 

When the fluid condenses its latent heat is given back to the water, exponentially increasing heat transfer efficiency.


What is in SATO ?


1 tank container design for ASIC

200 liter water tank with
2 heat exchangers

Dielectric coolant

Fittings for the tank 

Cartridge for your hashboard 

Installation requirements

Sato is a complemental domestic heat generator for houses equipped with a water-based central heating system. Sato is also compatible with water-based radiant floor heating.

Sato is a combi heating generator (a combi boiler), meaning it works to heat your water for both heat and hot water.


Please note, Sato will not be able to serve as your home's only source of heat. You will need another source to fulfill your total heating needs (gas boiler, oil boiler, pellet boiler, geothermal heat pump, solar, etc ...). 

To install Sato you will need 


A water-based space heating system

A water heat generator

2m² of space for installation

Sato comes complete with fittings based on where you live, so your regular plumbing/heating technician will be able to install it with our installation manual.​


Setup configurations

Sato pre-heats the water in your circuit before it reaches your boiler and the the water heater, adding to its efficiency.

Sato is compatible with water heaters, and single or double service boilers. 

We show you how to implement Sato with different combinations of boilers used for hot water and space heating

Fossile fuel based boiler for space heating - Electric boiler for hot water 

Without Sato

Fossile fuel based boiler for space heating - Electric boiler for hot water 

With Sato

Fossile fuel based boiler for space heating and hot water - Instantaneous

Without Sato

Fossile fuel based boiler for space heating and hot water - Instantaneous

With Sato

Fossile fuel based boiler for space heating and hot water - with accumulation tank

Without Sato

Fossile fuel based boiler for space heating and hot water - with accumulation tank

With Sato

Detailed characteristics

Heating Power: 1kW to 5kW

Height: 190 cm

Length: 150 cm

Width: 150 cm

Input voltage : 220~240 V

Input current : 25 A

Water Tank material : Stainless steel

Networking connection mode  : RJ45 Ethernet 

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