What is an ASIC

The term ASIC stands for Application Specific Integrated Chip but in bitcoin mining it commonly refers to the end product sold by mining hardware manufacturers

It is an aluminium box with two fans that contains a controler and between one and three computing cards called "hashboards" 

Hashboards and their corresponding controler are the only components we integrate with Sato








Integrating hashboard in Sato

We integrate hashboards with our universal swap technology

HBcasing_bleu (1).png

We put them in a special cartridge and connect them to Sato's I/O panel

Sato can take between 1 and 5 cartridges, and each one can have a different hashboard

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Our app is capable of taking care of each hashboard and connecting them to your selected mining pool

Buying mining hardware 



When you ask us to take care of your hashboards, we estimate the right amount of power to put in your Sato to maximize your uptime


Then we ask for regular quotes from our suppliers for different models of hashboards and look for best opportunities



When we find one (before delivering your Sato), we provide you a detailed offer for your boards. Note that we don't charge extra on these transactions. This service is included in Sato's price

When you finish your order we wait for the hashboards to come directly to one of our integration centers where we put your hashboards into our special cartridge - at no additional charge



When we send your Sato we will send your cartridges including your hashboards, and you simply insert them.  SATO will automatically configure itself and start running

Benefits of letting us get your hashboards 


We are able to wait for good purchasing opportunities and make offers only if the price is lower than the hashboard's fair market value 

We can buy boards with volume and get better prices, and you profit from our network of professional suppliers

Never get stuck with your old ASIC

You can buy or sell ASIC hashboards with the help of our reseller's network

Send us your old cartridge in the mail and we change your ASIC

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Bitcoin are storage

Sato comes with an app where you can store the url and credentials of the mining pool where you opened an account

We strongly encourage you to sign up with a well-known mining pool, since we can't access your funds if something goes wrong

You can verify in your pool account that Sato is running and earning you money

Your Bitcoins are stored in your account until you choose to withdraw them to your personal wallet or exchange account


How mining works

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How mining pools work

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