Why do I pay hashboards later ?

Bitcoin mining hardware, like graphics cards or processors, has a short life cycle. This means that every hashboard loses value as new models come to the market.

Today's pre-sale of Sato (April 2021) has a shipping date of Decembre 2021 which is approximately 8 months later. You don’t want to buy hardware now that won’t be used for months because it’s likely that new models in the market will mean reduced costs on older models. This means you will have more efficient hardware or you will get older hardware at a discount.

Do I will need to find my own hashboards later ?

Not at all, we take care of everything to do with selecting, sourcing, integrating, and sending hashboards to you. This full service is free, and we don't take a cut when selling you new hashboards.

If I don't buy hashboards now, how will I know the price? Will they always be 990€ ?

We can always find hashboards at almost any prices, it just depends on the model we choose. At 990€ per hashboar, they still have a lot of bitcoins to mine. Most of the time, 990€ per board is the price of the latest hashboard on the market.