Frequently asked questions

Is Sato suitable for apartments?
I use an electric heater. Does Sato work with that?
It's hard to ensure profitability with the evolution of hardware. How do you answer this point ?
If the Bitcoin price goes up, will I earn more money ?
What happens when the BTC price goes down ?
Do I need a specialist plumber or electrician to install Sato ?
What happens if there is any kind of problem with Sato ?
Does Sato come with a warranty?
How can I recover my mining gains obtained with Sato ?
Is there any risk that my Sato will be hacked and that someone could steals my bitcoins ?
Can I mine something other than Bitcoin ? Ethereum for example ?
Are you preparing for the release of a mining electric heater?
Where do you deliver?
What happens when the heat is turned off, such as during summer ?

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