Earn Bitcoin while heating your home


How It Works

Your House

You use energy to get hot water or to heat your home during cold weather



You pay a utility company to get the energy for heat or hot water.

A Bitcoin "mining farm"

In this model, companies called Miners operate large facilities filled with computing hardware secure the Bitcoin network.



They get rewarded in bitcoins while producing excess energy as heat

Become a Bitcoin miner!

Get paid in Bitcoins to heat your house




Meet Sato : The first bitcoin boiler

How to earn Bitcoin with Sato?



Mining is the process of securing the Bitcoin network with the help of a special hardware device called an ASIC


ASIC requires electricity and a stable internet connection in order to generate "hashes" that help secure the Bitcoin Protocol


As a reward for producing "hashes", miners are awarded bitcoins


The greater the electricity consumption, the safer the network and the bigger the reward


While Bitcoins are the reward in the virtual realm, in the physical realm ASIC transforms 99,9% of their input electricity into heat


By replacing standard electrical resistance with an ASIC to mine Bitcoins in a boiler, Sato heats your home and produces hot water while you earn Bitcoins

How are my bitcoins stored?

Bitcoin is a trustless network that permits ownership of wealth without intermediaries, This is called self-custody. 

WiseMining follows this principle and is committed to not exercising any oversight or control over your bitcoins. You are the owner !

However, self-custody is not to be taken lightly. It's a great responsibility that requires more efforts than relying on someone else to manage your money for you.

This is why we make sure you will not be alone on this journey. We will equip you with the best technology available to make it safe and easy for you to manage your own wealth.

We value your privacy

Another principle we care deeply about is your privacy. You may want to keep your Bitcoin mining activities under the radar.

This is why we collect as little information about you as possible and make a point of not storing any of your personal data unless it is absolutely necessary in which case we will ensure that it is properly aggregated and anonymized. We treat your personal information as a liability, not an opportunity.

As a hardware company, we will need to ship a few items to your home to get you started. We will share minimal information with our contractors as part of our strict data policy.

Owning Bitcoin could be something various entities may try to make illegal or at least difficult in the future;  maybe even with retroactive sanctions. With Sato, you own KYC-less bitcoins, and at the company and product levels we provide obfuscation techniques to hide the fact that you are mining or have mined bitcoins.


In Bitcoin mining, the price of electricity is the main factor driving profitability

It's usually unprofitable to run mining hardware at the retail price of electric kWh

By using Sato, not only are you mining Bitcoins, but you are also heating your home and hot water, as you would normally do

$1 of electricity produces $1 of heat + $1 of Bitcoin

With this unique configuration, your operating cost is one of the most competitive in the industry

With a classic electric boiler

With Sato

How does Sato work?

Sato is a complementary boiler for houses equipped with water-based central heating systems

It works with regular water-based emitters like radiators or radiant heating, such as in the floor or ceiling. Take a look at our complete installation requirements


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